Campaign Platform

  1. Improved Communication

Improve communications and public relations by utilizing available technology across multiple communication channels to improve the flow of clear, relevant and timely information to township residents, workers and visitors. The goal must be to create more informed residents through use of social media followers, email newsletter subscribers, TV channel viewers, and print publication readers. 

Schedule regular “Meet with the Mayor” appointments for residents and local business leaders to discuss issues, share ideas, ask questions, and connect face-to-face with the public in a friendly, casual environment.

  1. Keep Our Community Affordable

Remain vigilant of the bottom line and be fiscally responsible in every action taken. Reaffirm our commitment to do more with less, cut costs where possible, look outside of the box for revenue streams and keep any budget increases to a minimum. Create a long term plan to lower property taxes by creating new tax revenue from redevelopment and reducing costs.

  1. Revitalization and Redevelopment

Promote smart, responsible redevelopment and attract more commercial ratables. Attract new mixed use development, supporting small businesses and bringing in new ones.

  1. Continue Road Improvement Program

Investing in safety and quality roadways is an important part of the many services that town government provides its residents every day. Continue maintaining and resurfacing our roadways, improving mobility and quality of life of our residents. Promote both traffic safety and traffic flow by the use of traffic calming devices and speed humps.

  1. Work with the Board of Education and school district to improve our schools

Even though Town Hall has no direct authority over schools and education in our town, I believe we have a very clear obligation to improve educational opportunities for our families. The quality of our schools and helping every child achieve success affects all residents and businesses throughout our community.

  1. Flooding and Drainage

Flood mitigation planning remains a priority for the municipality. Remain committed to flood mitigation and the reduction of flood damage by implementing preparedness policies and working with local, county, state and federal officials to form a coalition to study flood issues and adopt comprehensive flood hazard mitigation plans.

  1. Improving Parks / Recreation

Make an investment in our community by revamping our recreation programs, improving existing parks and moving forward with building a township spray park and dog park.

  1. A Diverse, Effective Police Department

Make Saddle Brook one of the most effective police departments in the state by continuing to promote diversity so that our police department reflects the community. Also, improving police-community relations through accountability, developing trust and conducting a comprehensive review of police policies.

  1. Building Affordable Housing

Continue with our plans to build new affordable housing units to meet our obligation under the Mount Laurel Doctrine / Fair Share Housing Mandate. This doctrine requires that municipalities use their zoning powers in an affirmative manner to provide a realistic opportunity for the production of housing affordable to low- and moderate-income households. Also, to implement and refine an affordable housing strategy as part of the Comprehensive Master Planning Process.

  1.  Asset Management and Investment

Maintenance of assets adds immediate value and helps preserve the long-term value and desirability of our facilities. We must repair and replace existing town-owned assets as appropriate by providing necessary funding and investing in new town assets that respond to needs of the community.

  1.  Property Maintenance

The Property Maintenance Code is an essential part of maintaining the appearance and integrity of our township. This code holds property owners responsible for the upkeep of their properties. We will take a more active approach toward addressing and correcting property maintenance violations by increasing inspections of all building exteriors and premises located within the township. 

  1.  Innovation

Invest in staff and create a culture of innovation that encourages piloting new ideas that will improve the delivery of services to the community while increasing efficiency to maximize taxpayer dollars.